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Dellano’ was established in 1950 by my great grandparents, and has since been carried on for three generations.  In 1991, my father, Fred Dellano continued the family business.  We are an independent retailer of Italian Candy, Torrone Nougats, Italian Novelties and Gifts at local Italian Festivals throughout N. J., and N. Y.  We are passionate about our pursuits, and we want the opportunity and pleasure to bring the Italian culture and tradition to not only our loyal customers, but to our new customers as well.  We are excited to offer you all of our unique Italian products through Torronestand.com.  Our mission is to provide the easiest way for our customers to purchase our one of a kind items.  We are making a personal commitment to every customer that we will be the best source for all of their Italian needs.


Saint Lucy Festival torrone stand

We specialize in Italian Gifts .Discover old world flavor, chocolate & vanilla torrone


Chocolate and vanilla torrone

The perfect Gift for any occasion. All our Torrone is imported from Italy.



Torrone a traditional favorite at engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.

milk chocolate covered almonds

Milk Chocolate covered almonds. Ferrara, Bellino, Oliviero


Ferrara, synonymous with Little Italy, enjoy 18 pieces of assorted vanilla, orange, lemon.

ferrara assoreted torrone

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