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"Flavors of Italy"

Gift Basket includes :Almond Honey Bar 8.8 oz Ferrara 18 piece assorted Flavors, Ferrara Torrone Pie cut including Lemon, Coffee, Vanilla, Almond covered, Hard Torrone Block 1lb, Chocolate & Vanilla soft torrone with almonds 10.58 oz, Bellino Soft Vanilla Torrone 5.3oz, Oliviero soft Pistachio Torrone 5.3 oz. $89.99

All of Rome

This is a gift made for you, your friends and your family. Indulge in these Italian confections and it is guaranteed to put a smile on you and your loved ones face.  With pickup and go packaging, this makes for a great office surprise as well.

Gift Basket includes:Ferrara honey almond 6 piece assorted flavors torrone, 2.12 oz, 10 piece Baci Chocolate 5 oz, milk chocolate covered almonds 5,6 oz,Almond honey nouget 4,23 oz. Ferrara chocolate bar 2 oz, Ferrara pistachio torrone bar 2 oz, Lazzaroni amaretti di soronno 2.3 oz, Ferrara mint chocolate bar 2.12 oz Ferrara dark chocolate bar 2,12 oz. $37.99

“A Slice of Naples”

Nothing says dessert like these three assorted pies.  After dinner, enjoy this delightful dessert. 

Gift Basket includes:Ferrara torrone pie cut. One with vanilla coating, one with lemon coating and one with almond coating. 4.5 oz. $21.99

““A Taste of Venice”

This assortment of goodies are sure to satisfy anyone. This is sure to be a hit.

Gift Basket includes: Bellino traditional soft chocolate torrone bar 5.3 oz, Oliviero vanilla torrone bar with walnuts 5.3 oz, Bellino chocolate covered vanilla torrone bar 5.3 oz Ferrara pie cut torrone with vanilla coating 4.5 oz and Ferrara pie cut torrone with lemon coating 4.5 oz, Ferrara Milk chocolate and hazelnut crunch 4oz.



“The Palermo”

Recall memories of Italy while enjoying these fine Italian treats.

Gift Basket includes: Ferrara almond honey torrone 4.2oz, Ferrar dark chocolate and milk chocolate with almonds bar 3.5oz,Oliviero limoncello bar 5.3oz, Oliviero pistachio bar 5.3oz, Olivieo pan de spagna bar 5.3 oz, Oliviero almond bar 8 oz Lazzaro amaretti 2oz Ferrara chocolate and Ferrara almond torrone bars, 2 oz.


Sorrento’s Delight

  This is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Gift Basket includes:Three slices of torrone coated in vanilla, chocolate, and lemon with a crunch of amaretti.
Gift basket includes: Ferrara pie cut torrone coated in chocolate 4.3 oz, Ferrara pie cut torrone coated in vanilla 4.5 oz, Ferrara pie cut torrone coated in lemon 4.5 oz, Lazzarone amaretti di soronno 2oz.

$ 23.99

“The Sweetness of Capri”

Want to say thank you? There is no better way then with this basket full of torrone, biscotti, and chocolate.

Gift Basket includes:Ferrara 6 piece vanilla torrone 2.12 oz, Oliviero Limoncello torrone bar 5.3 oz, Ferrara Milk chocolate almonds 5.6oz, Ferrara pie cut coated in lemon and in vanilla 4.5 oz, Ferrara biscotti 6 oz, Ferrara mint chocolate bar 3.5 oz, Ferrara milk chocolate with almonds bar 3.5 oz, Ferrara chocolate torrone bar 2 oz, Ferrara pistachio torrone bar 2 oz, Lazzarone amaretti di soronno 2 oz.



“A Piece of Pisa”

Bring yourself back to the streets of Italy and enjoy these specialties. Gift Basket includes:Bellino 12 oz hard block torrone, Lazzarone amaretti di soronno 3oz


“Florence Finest”

Vanilla or Chocolate? Can’t make up your mind, no problem as this fine confection will satisfy any craving.Gift Basket includes: Oliviero chocolate and vanilla torrone block 10.6 oz, Lazzarone amaretti de soronno 4 oz.


“The Siena”

This makes a great gift. It’s sure to bring a smile to any face who indulges in it.Gift Basket includes: Six torrone bars, Bellino traditional soft bar 5.3 oz, Bellino traditional soft chocolate covered with almonds 5.3 oz, Olivero Giandia and hazelnut bar 5.3 oz, Olivero fruit torrone bar 5.3 oz, Olivero Caffee bar with hazelnuts and coffee beans 5.3 oz Olivero vanilla and chocolate bar 5.3 oz $39.99


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